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Documentaal & Epona: Solutions For Contract Optimization

Documentaal & Epona: solutions for contract optimization

Epona and Documentaal are working together to provide the best legal solutions in document creation and storage! Litigation documents such as subpoenas and pleadings, agreements and NDAs can be generated in no time, shared with parties and, for example, submitted to the court in a standardized and required format. During this process we capture the documents in DMSforLegal, neatly in a file with version control. This way, the document is securely stored and easy to find. But we can go one step further: what if we start to manage documents?

Document creation

Documentaal strives for uniform and error-free formatting of documents. Read more about this in the article Document Assembly - How It Works, which describes this in detail.

A document includes more than the content that can be read. Indeed, without seeing it, it contains data in the background that tell something about the document: who is the author, what is the creation or modification date? But also: in what file is this document stored, what is the customer name and who are the parties involved in this contract or letter?

All this data, also called metadata, is stored in the Word document. And that data can be expanded indefinitely.


Take a contract between two or more parties. This legal document often has a validity period that lasts for years. Sometimes a contract needs to be revised, or one wants to know the annual value of all contracts. How convenient is it that this information is already in the document?

When creating a new contract, one enters data that are important for the further course: Start, and end dates, status, contract type, responsible party(ies), signatories and parties, and so on.

All these data are stored in the document and in a file marked "Contract.

Steering for documents

Epona has devised a solution that clearly displays these documents with such an attribute (e.g. 'Contract') in a dashboard. At a glance you can see the value of these agreements, the details of the parties and the expiration date. You can filter on these characteristics. Is a contract about to expire? You will not only see this clearly at the top of the screen, but you will also receive a notification. Linking documents to a particular file or setting up a site collection with document libraries underneath? That too is no problem with DMSforLegal. DMS processes are streamlined and a searchable knowledge resource is created in which necessary information can be easily located.

Automated contracts

Along with Documentaal 's solutions, contract creation is thus fully automated. By using standardized templates and linking them to Epona's DMS, contracts are automatically added to the dashboard. The dashboard itself is fully customizable. You decide which information is displayed.

When you choose to work with Documentaal and Epona's systems, time-consuming steps involved in creating and managing contracts are eliminated for you. Get your contract system automated and save valuable hours!

More information? Simply contact us! Our experts will be happy to tell you more.


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