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DMS: How It Works And This Is When You Choose It

DMS: this is how it works and this is when you choose it

DMS stands for Document Management System and is the solution in this digital world where we have to deal with more and more data and data streams every day. A DMS ensures that employees always and everywhere have access to the right information. It ensures that this information is easy to find, always up-to-date and securely stored in one central location. Crucial for smooth business processes and indispensable in this digital transformation and the digital workplace. In this blog we will tell you how a Document Management System works and when your organization is ready for it.

How does a DMS work?

An ever-growing pile of documents, stored in different places so that by no means everyone can always access the right document quickly and easily. Not only irritating and time-consuming, it also affects communication and cooperation with customers and suppliers. Recognizable? Time for a Document Management System! A DMS manages the information and communication flows within your organization. Everything stored digitally in one central environment. In our DMS for SharePoint, you can easily open, store, organize and share documents. Thanks to the authorization structure and version management, you not only determine who has or does not have access to certain documents, you can also be sure that the correct version is always being used and everyone has the most up-to-date information. A DMS helps store your documents properly and clearly and ensures that document flows are organized efficiently. All this from any location, from any device.

When to choose a DMS?

Simply put: when you notice that you have lost the overview and would like to have it back. But there are more signs that your organisation is ready for a DMS:

  • There are (too many) errors in the processing of all documents;
  • Employees spend a lot of time searching for the right documents and information because all documents are stored in different places;
  • You are not getting enough out of all the data you are collecting. This is because it is stored in many different places. A DMS brings all the information together in the right place. With this, a DMS makes it possible to easily obtain commercial information, such as order preferences, purchasing behaviour or customer profiles;
  • Your current document storage is a significant cost item due to the amount of paper, printing costs and archive space it takes up;
  • The documents and data come in faster than you can process them;
  • Incorrect and/or outdated information is used or sent because different versions are floating around the organisation. The version management of our DMS prevents this.

Do you have questions about our DMS for SharePoint or do you want to know what it can do for your organisation? Please contact us, our consultants are ready to help you!

Also, download our white paper Document Management Systems now for free:

In our Document Management Systems white paper, you will learn, among other things:
What a DMS is and how it works;
How a DMS gives you control over your document flows and digital processes;
What the benefits of a DMS are for your organisation;
How to find out if your organisation is ready for a DMS.

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