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Document Assembly - How Does It Work?

Document Assembly - how does it work?

That Documentaal helps automate and facilitate time-consuming (and sometimes frustrating) processes around document usage is now beyond dispute!

Today, we will go into a little more detail about the how behind this statement. So, in concrete terms, what exactly does our software dStyle 365 / LegalWord do, and what impact does it practically have on an organization?

Building blocks

A Word document, for example, is made up of several parts: There may or may not be a company logo in the header, perhaps a block for addressees or contacts, a colophon with personal and/or company information, signatories. And most importantly: The document consists of text with images, references, graphics, etc.: the content.

As soon as you choose a new document - be it a letter, invoice, contract or memo - the software retrieves the necessary data and, if desired, the basic content from the system to prepare the file for you without any searching or extra steps. That's document assembly. And that goes a long way!

With a few simple steps, you create a document where you completely prepare it to be stored in the appropriate DMS file, retrieve addressees or contacts from a database or customer system (CRM), and choose additional items. You work from a certain profile within your organization, which makes it immediately clear to the system which logo, address, signature or contact information should be used. At the press of a button, the template is in front of you.

The link with your customer system ensures that the correct personal data (including salutation and contact details of the customer as well as your own contact details) are immediately ready in your letter in the right place. This saves you, the sender, a lot of thinking and searching. Standard interfaces that you can link to include Dynamics, ContactManager, Exact, Outlook, AdminConsult and AFAS.

One step further

We go one step further. Not only salutation and address data can be prepared - also actual content! Think, for example, of an agreement or order confirmation.

Make your document usage intelligent by readying text that will keep coming back again and again, such as in a contract or litigation document. Should a clause about a leased car be added to this employment contract or not? One click of a button makes all the difference. Is the other party to a contract a sole proprietorship? Then the content is slightly different than if the recipient is a BV. Add a signature line or not? In an instant, that element - that building block - is added or removed.

That's the intelligence of document assembly with Documentaal. And it's going to save you time and frustration!

Together with Documentaal, everything quickly and conveniently digital.



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