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Would you rather work more efficiently to have more time to spare?Do you have trouble finding documents?Is it difficult to keep an overview?
Documentaal Creates order and peace in the digital document chaos, creating a professional and high-quality look for your company. Suitable for integration into all possible file types of the dStyle family.
Together with Documentaal, everything quickly and conveniently digital!
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+ users
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"Documentaal is a fine and reliable organization. Every company can count on support and well-functioning software here."

"Documentaal always tells it like it is and gives open and honest advice to best serve your business and other businesses."

"The intelligent software and expert staff at Documentaal have ensured that all employees within each company experience greater oversight and order."

"Documentaal has so much experience with different types of companies; because of this, Documentaal can say with great confidence that it has the best document creation and management software."

Do you also want more peace and overview?

Be convinced by the power of dStyle

Immediately experience how document creation and management can be made faster, more effective and more efficient in your organisation.

More than 200 customers and 12,000 users already

dStyle is already proving itself daily in over 200 organizations. We are happy to put you in touch with users who can share their experiences.

Saving time and money

With a low monthly premium per user, you realize enormous time and cost savings for your organization. DMS demo

Do you have any questions?

Contact us directly via +31 26 445 10 36 or send a message via our contact page . We will be happy to help you!

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