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Order in digital document chaos

Documentaal offers solutions to the chaos in digital document flows. We reduce frustration and inconvenience in managing your documents. With Documentaal you will never again lose documents, never have to worry about working with outdated versions, and keep time for what really matters.

How we can help you

We at Documentaal are ready to tackle digital chaos

Document Management

We structure not only at the document creation level, but also in the way your organization stores, organizes and uses files. That way every file stays complete, you no longer accidentally work in an older version of a document and you never lose a file again.

Document creation

Creating a new document in MS Word is a snap with Documentaal. Our 'smart' documents know exactly which data, templates, content and design are needed for which document type. Common frustrations around layout, numbering, document structure, salutation and addressing are thus a thing of the past

Professional Services

At Documentaal , we believe in providing our clients with the best possible services and solutions. With our expertise in SharePoint, AI and Python, we can provide you with the insights and assistance for your document management that will help you be structured, organized and improve collaborations. 

Experienced in creating order

Be convinced by the power of Documentaal

Experience immediately how the creation and management of documents in your organization can be faster and more efficient, saving you time and energy for what really matters.

Already more than 200 clients and relaxed 12,000 users

Documentaal already ensures digital order daily in more than 200 organizations (inter)national

Time and cost savings

With a low monthly fee per user, you are already creating overview in your organization and realizing huge time and cost savings.

+ satisfied customers
+ relaxed users
work more efficiently
+ countries

Our relaxed users

They have gone before you

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"The intelligent software and expert staff at Documentaal have ensured that all employees within each company experience greater oversight and order."


Meet our team

Our professionals enjoy creating order out of digital chaos

Rob Duijndam


Menno Ansink


Johan Scheffer


If you have any questions

Contact us directly at +31 26 445 10 36
or send a message via our contact page.
We are happy to help you!

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