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Document creation

Do you also want (again) control over your documents and document flows? We create order in the digital document chaos.


Do you spend far too much time each time you draft a simple letter, legal document or other document? Are hours and hours lost on trivial factors, such as layout and other details, when you actually want to send a quick quote? Numbering staggered again?

Then it sounds like you need our "smart" documents. At the press of a button, the right template for your litigation document/letter/other (legal) document is ready for you, and in your own company style, including logo and signature. Just fill in the recipient's variables and press the send button. Hey, that saves!
Letters, quotations, contracts, subpoenas, emails and more, in your own professional, uniform corporate style, ready to send.
Suddenly you have time to spare!

Take the first step toward a unified corporate identity with Documentaal

Your personal corporate identity is automatically applied to all your documents, including logo and signature. This way, all documents circulating in your organization form a recognizable and representative business card.

A professional look for all your documents

Let us eliminate some time-consuming steps for you in the document creation process, such as the formatting, layout and structure of your files. At the click of a button, the right outline for your letter, contract or subpoena is already in front of you.


Together with Documentaal, everything quickly and conveniently digital

We take away common frustrations (including around salutation, addressing and numbering) for you. Thanks to our Document Management System, your documents are finished faster, better structured and uniform in style.

Eliminate daily stressors

Documentaal organizes your documents and facilitates a uniform way of working, enabling consistent communication inside and outside the organization.

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