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How Documentaal makes itself indispensable to accountants

Hey accountant! Time is money, right? We know how irritating it is to have to remind that colleague to approve an invoice every time. Especially when it's...

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Working with PDF? It can be much easier!

If you work with dStyle/LegalWord, creating and using PDF files gets a lot easier! Working with Documentaal, you get three clear options for creating a...

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Documentaal & Epona: solutions for contract optimization

Epona and Documentaal work together to provide the best legal solutions in document creation and storage! Litigation documents such as subpoenas and pleadings, agreements and NDAs are in...

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Document Assembly - how does it work?

That Documentaal helps automate and facilitate time-consuming (and sometimes frustrating) processes around document usage is by now beyond dispute! Today we are going to look more closely at the how behind...

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Communicating more effectively in the workplace

By now you probably already know that Documentaal helps to facilitate and ease various processes in the workplace, including around document usage. This will reduce stress for you...

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Drafting documents - always spending too much time?

Documentaal does pain management. What do we mean by this? That we take time-consuming processes around document usage out of your hands. And there is a lot of time to be gained in document creation. But.

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The website of Documentaal has a new look!

  Our redesigned home page is a reality and with it Documentaal has taken a new direction. So what has changed? Documentaal creates order in the digital document chaos -...

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Documentaal also speaks digitally

Documentaal also speaks digital, but what is meant by this? The digital workplace is a workplace where you have access to all the tools and applications you need to do your job...

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