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Document creation and document management at the highest level

Why more than 200 organizations are already using dStyle

dStyle and dStyleDMS (software systems from Documentaal) are the answer to how Documentaal can structure the way your organization handles documents. We use these programs to optimize the processes of document creation and management. The result is that a large number of actions surrounding document use are automated, you gain valuable time and are spared many frustrations. In the familiar environment of MS Word, dStyle gives a professional, uniform appearance to letters, contracts, procedural documents, reports, e-mails and other documents. Your company's identity becomes clearer, more consistent and stronger.

Document creation

Document creation

dStyle 365

Creating a new document in MS Word is a snap with dStyle. Our 'smart' documents know exactly which data, templates, content and design are needed for which document type. So common frustrations around layout, numbering, document structure, salutation and addressing are a thing of the past. dStyle 365 stands for:

  • Create complex documents easily and quickly
  • Professional, consistent quality and appearance of all document types passing through your organization
  • Automation and time savings thanks to templates compiled by our specialists
  • Optimal management of attachments and productions
  • Your personal corporate identity, automatically applied everywhere
  • Full integration with Microsoft 365, your CRM and many other applications (including SAP, Oracle, iManage, DMSforLegal)
Document Management

Document Management

dStyle DMS

Structuring is not only done at the level of document creation, but also in the way your organization stores, organizes and uses files. Our software dStyle DMS works with metadata and ensures that all correspondence is managed systematically. This ensures that every file remains complete, you no longer accidentally work in an older version of a document and you never lose a file again.

  •  All relevant documents, including emails, securely and centrally stored in one place
  • Never again looking for where you had saved that one file now
  • Full integration with SharePoint, Matter Center, financial, CRM and back-end systems
  • Working with multiple people in the same document at the same time
  • Always sure of the latest version of your documents (no "wandering" files)
  • Documents are saved automatically
  • Fast search thanks to the use of metadata

Standardizing our contracts with dStyle 365 is easy. Because it is so strongly integrated with Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint, it makes my work so much easier. Creating documents and sharing them with HR and external partners now works seamlessly'.

Hans van Dam (COA)

"As General Counsel, I use dStyle 365 every day. We constantly update our legal knowledge system and all project managers immediately use these texts in their documents. It saves time and we are more flexible than ever before'.

Ellen van Veen (CMS Law Tax)
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