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Professional Services

With Sharepoint, AI and Phyton expertise from Documentaal Improve your business collaboration and gain better insight into your document flows.

Discover the Professional Services of Documentaal

At Documentaal we are passionate about creating innovative and smart document management solutions. Our goal is to free your organization from the everyday frustrations of document overload and inefficiency. With our advanced tools and services, we transform your document flows into a streamlined and intelligent system.

Sharepoint solutions

Smart SharePoint solutions

Your search for documents should be simple and flawless. Outdated versions and lost files are a concern of the past with Documentaal's SharePoint services. Our custom solutions enable your team to work with confidence and ease, increasing productivity and saving time.

AI-driven efficiency

Our AI and Python services are at the heart of a transformation that turns routine customer queries into opportunities for your help desk to provide truly valuable support. By integrating Microsoft Syntex and Large Language Models (LLM) into your Office 365 environment, we ensure that you realize the full potential of your documents - without having to write even one line of code.

Professional services
Sharepoint solutions

Advanced document classification and extraction

Syntex shines in document classification, but at Documentaal we go one step further. Our Python-based extraction solutions defy optical distortions with impressive results, correctly identifying most signers even in complex documents.

Insightful document analytics

Our Document Reporting Tool Telemetry gives you a clear picture of your document usage across your organization. These insights enable you to refine processes, improve training and optimize your document management.

chatgpt helpdesk

ChatGPT: Innovative solutions

ChatGPT 's AI can take your help desk to new heights. Our specialized implementation ensures that ChatGPT provides accurate and complete answers to customer queries. This allows your help desk to focus on more complex tasks, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing workload.

professional services

Why Documentaal

At Documentaal , we believe in providing our clients with the best possible services and solutions. With our expertise in SharePoint, AI and Python, we can provide you with the insights and assistance for your document management that will help you be structured, organized and improve collaborations. Do these solutions sound like something your organization needs? Then simply contact us or request a demo below. Our consultants are always ready to help. 

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Are you ready for a digital revolution in document management?

Whether you want to maximize SharePoint capacity, integrate the power of AI, or optimize your help desk, Documentaal is here for you. Our experts specialize in delivering customized solutions that fit your unique challenges and goals

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