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Document management

Do you also want to regain control of your document flows? Then our document management solution is for you.

Do you recognize this feeling? Then document management is for you.

You've been working on a document forwarded to you by a colleague for an hour and then suddenly it catches your eye: the date. The file dates from 2018 and is not the latest version by now. But then where is the current file stored? This (legal) letter really needs to go out the door in no time...

We'll make a clean sweep! With our software, all files within your company are stored centrally in one place and made accessible to anyone who needs access. So, there will be no more documents wandering around or getting lost, and working in the wrong version is also a thing of the past. So, stress factor eliminated! That's the power of our document management solution.

Document management solution

Take the first step toward digital order with the document management solution from Documentaal

Our document management software uses metadata to structure your document usage. This allows you to manage all your documents (including e-mails) in one place. How convenient! In addition, our solution dStyle365 ensures that documents are created within seconds and each document has a uniform appearance.

Save time and focus on what really matters with a good document management solution

With our document management solution, retrieving a specific document is surprisingly easy. Say goodbye to the frustration of accidentally working with outdated or incorrect versions. Find out how our version control can streamline your workflow.

Document Management

Together with Documentaal, everything quickly and conveniently digital

Work simultaneously with your colleagues in the same document. This allows you to see each other's changes appear live and communicate at the most efficient level within your organization. Whether you are in the legal or financial world or perhaps a real estate professional or engineer, Documentaal is the solution. Are you curious? We will gladly demonstrate our document management software to you.

Support is always available

At Documentaal we are aware that a smooth start is just the beginning. And if you run into questions along the way? Don't worry, our support is as convenient and accessible as our software itself. Dive into our knowledge center and discover a world of information, from manuals to a rich library of more than a hundred knowledge articles and instructional videos. Whether you need a short answer or an in-depth explanation, you'll find it quickly and easily.

And should you need support outside regular business hours, we offer the ability to request support on weekends. Whether it's a short urgent question or a complex problem, the team at Documentaal is always there for you.

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Document Management

Eliminate daily stressors

Documentaal organizes your documents for you and facilitates uniform working methods through document management and document creation, so that everyone within the organization communicates in the same way - both internally and externally.

Download our white paper

Want to learn more about Document Management? Then download our white paper on Document Management Systems for free now!

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Wondering why other companies are so enthusiastic about our document management solution?

We get it! So schedule an easy , free demo with our consultants right away. They will show you how we can help you create overview and order.

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