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Documentaal &
PKI signing

Reliable document creation and digital signatures for lawyers and accountants

Webinar July 3, 2024

Menno Ansink

Menno Anskink

Consultant at Documentaal

Reindert van Doorn

Reindert van Doorn

Co-founder at PKIsigning

Webinar program

Are you a professional in the legal or financial sector and would like to learn how to manage your documents faster and smarter? Then sign up for our webinar in partnership with PKI signing. We not only share knowledge, but also our passion for efficiency in your work process.


What will you learn during the webinar?

  • Consistency and Professionalism: Learn how to ensure consistency and professionalism in your documents.
  • Saving Time: Find out how to save time with standardized texts and integrated CRM data.
  • Digital Signatures: Understand the benefits of digital signatures and how they increase efficiency and security.
  • Sign vs. approve: Learn the nuances between signing and approving documents, such as general terms and conditions.
  • Legal Aspects: Get an understanding of the legal aspects of digital signatures and the different levels of trust according to eIDAS.
  • Live demonstration: Watch a live demonstration of the integration between Documentaal and PKIsigning.

About Documentaal 

Documentaal, known for dStyle365 and LegalWord365, is your trusted partner in document creation and management. Our expert team is here to work with you and share knowledge, with the goal of making your life easier. With our expertise in the legal, financial and accounting sectors, we turn chaos into order.

About PKIsigning 

PKIsigning provides a simple and reliable platform for signing documents. The cloud service allows you to personally sign and invite others to sign, all within one workflow. PKI Signing distinguishes itself with domain expertise and innovation in digital signing.

Sign up for the webinar

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and streamline your work processes. Register for our webinar on July 3, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, and find out how Documentaal and PKIsigning can make your work more efficient and secure.

Topics discussed:

  • Solid and uniform document templates
  • Work smarter through standard texts and building blocks and CRM data.
  • Why digital signing?
  • Difference in signing and approving (e.g., general terms and conditions)
  • Legal validity of digital signature and confidence levels eIDAS
  • Demonstration integration Documentaal & PKIsigning
Document creation

Eliminate daily stressors

Documentaal Ensures organized documentation and encourages a uniform approach. This ensures that communication within the organization, both internally and externally, is consistent. This is the essence of effective document creation.

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