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Microsoft Launches New Office Theme (and Default Font)

Microsoft Launches New Office Theme (and Default Font)

A breath of fresh air with updated colors and lines!

Something big is about to happen at Microsoft in the coming months, as they are going to give their famous Office applications a major makeover. Imagine a brand new theme for Microsoft 365 with a fresh and modern look, plus a brand new font called Aptos. All this will be at the fingertips of users of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Goodbye Calibri, hello Aptos!

We learn from reliable sources that this theme will feature all sorts of updated color variations and updated line widths. But most notably, after a loyal 15 years of service, the familiar Calibri font will finally be retired and given way to the new standard font, Aptos.

New Mircosoft theme

The impact on your corporate identity

All this sounds exciting, right? But what if your company has embraced Calibri as the corporate identity? Well, that could have some interesting implications. If Calibri is at the core of your house style, new documents you create outside of specialized applications like LegalWord365/dStyle365, and new emails you send in Outlook, will no longer automatically have that familiar house style font you were so accustomed to.

This could lead to something of a visual roller coaster ride in your company's documents and communications, potentially causing some bumps in professional appearance. And let's not forget the potential confusion among employees, who are used to a specific visual identity of the company.

Don't panic - there is a solution

But don't panic! There is a solution. Organizations can take proactive steps to adapt their corporate identity to the new theme and font within Microsoft 365. And here comes the good news: even if some users are reluctant to switch to the new theme, the old familiar theme with Calibri available as a choice option, albeit under a new name, "Office Theme 2013-2022′.

We are at your service!

Would you like help and guidance with this transition? Our team of expert consultants is ready to assist in seamlessly adapting your corporate identity to the updated Microsoft Office applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to your specific needs. We are ready to u through these changes!

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