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Documentaal Is The C From Confident

Documentaal is the C of Confident

Definition: Self-confidence or self-assurance is the degree to which someone believes in himself or herself and in what he or she can do. Being self-assured evokes positive feelings and says a lot about a person's self-confidence. A self-assured person has confidence in himself.

Documentaal is also Confident. In the previous blogs, we talked about the R and the I of the word RICH (Reliable, Intelligent, Confident and Honest). In this blog we are going to talk about the C of Confident. Confident stands for confident and trustworthy within Documentaal, because how wonderful is it when you are sure that you can find everything easily and trust the templates for all the necessary letters that have already been designed?

Why confident?
To begin with, Documentaal is very confident about the products it offers. Our products have a proven track record and this is partly due to our many years of experience in the digital document world. Through experience and questions, regulations and requirements from the market, Documentaal has a whole arsenal of standard links -in the products. This makes the use of the products considerably more efficient.

Documentaal has a gold partnership with Microsoft, but Epona is also an important partner of Documentaal. Together with Epona Documentaal offers DMSforSharepoint. This is a document storage platform in SharePoint. Thanks to versioning, you will always find the most recent version, so there is no doubt about the content of the document. dStyle365 and DMSforSharePoint work together seamlessly for your company. You create and edit (complex) documents with the right templates, house style and prepared content, and store these in a well-secured and structured environment. This saves a lot of searching for you and your colleagues, because we all know that moment when we find out that the file we are working on, is not the right one, right?

Documentaal has existed for more than 25 years and has experienced all the developments in the software field. Many customers have also joined Documentaal over the years and have stayed with Documentaal for many years. But which customers are we talking about? Here are a few examples: CMS, KPMG, Aveco de Bondt, ProRail, Nationale Nederlanden and more. Curious about our customers? Take a look at:

Reason for Confident
If you are reading this then you can reasonably understand that Documentaal can be quite confident. However, Documentaal does not stand still and would always continue to develop as a company, but also in its product. Documentaal is RICH, Documentaal is Confident.

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