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Microsoft Teams, How Does It Help Your Organization?

Microsoft Teams, how does it help your organization?

Microsoft Teams is the online collaboration platform from Microsoft, fully integrated with Microsoft 365. With Microsoft Teams, you work together even more securely, effectively and easily. It is the tool to streamline all communication within your organization in an efficient and clear way. Besides chatting, you can for example share documents and edit them together or online meetings. We list a few highlights for you.

Chat and more

Within Microsoft Teams you can easily chat with colleagues. One on one or in a group chat within a channel. We will explain how useful these channels are later on. In the chat you can of course exchange text messages but you can also share files and make (video) calls.

Easier file sharing thanks to the integration with Microsoft 365

Thanks to integration with Microsoft 365, you can also use the familiar Office-applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The files you create in these Office programs can be shared with your team with one click of the mouse without having to email back and forth. In addition, you can also easily share files from OneDrive, or publish files via SharePoint.

Quickly find your files

If you have abutl files aan sharing and receiving, you obviously don't have the time (and the desire) to later long search to a particular file. Luckily has Microsoft Teams a search function that allows you to quickly find the information you need. That means you'll always have all shared files and conversations available on any device, from any location. I'm sure we don't have to explain how convenient this is.

Extra overview thanks to specific channels

Within Microsoft Teams you can set up channels. These channels should be seen as specific themes or departments within your organization. For example, you can set up a Marketing or a Sales channel, but also a channel that is specifically about one project. The advantage of specific channels is that everyone within the organization knows exactly where he or she can share specific knowledge or find specific information.

Always up to date

Thanks to the integration with Microsoft 365, there is also a link to Outlook. All your appointments and meetings are automatically exported to Microsoft Teams. As a result, you also have a direct view of your calendar in Teams. Appointments or meetings that you schedule in Teams will also be transferred directly to Outlook..

A program that adapts to you

Smart notifications ensure that you receive a subtle warning when a conversation requires your attention. Would you rather not be disturbed? Only then simple your status to and you won't be disturbed anymore. So you decide where your focus lies.

Dhe right design and integration is essential

Microsoft Teams has everything to give cooperation a huge boost. How big this boost is depends on how you set up and integrate Teams. As an official Microsoft Partner, we know exactly how to set up and integrate your Microsoft Teams to make your collaboration as efficient and simple as possible. Please contact us for more information, we are happy to help you get the most out of Microsoft Teams!

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