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Documentaal Is the I of Intelligent

Documentaal is the I of Intelligent

Intelligence is a mental characteristic with many different functions, such as the ability to notice similarities and differences in observations, to orientate oneself in space, to reason, to make plans, to understand and solve problems, to think in abstractions, to understand and produce ideas and language, to store and retrieve information in the memory and to learn from experiences (source: wikipedia).

This is an extensive definition of Intelligence which may have you thinking, 'What does that have to do with Documentaal?' As discussed in the previous blog Documentaal is RICH. RICH of Reliable, Intelligent, Confident and Honest. This time, we will zoom in on the I of Intelligent. Documentaal is intelligent on several levels. The software that ensures that all files are stored in one place and are accessible to everyone within the company. The people at Documentaal who find solutions in creating order in digital document chaos. But there is more...

Prepared texts and corporate identity

Documentaal has developed intelligent software that ensures that the house style of your company is automatically designed for every conceivable document. Using templates, the layout of the letter is automated. This enables you to maintain consistency in documents that are sent out. In addition, as a user or content manager, you can prepare frequently used texts so that complex documents can be created easily by means of selection options. For example, is a lease car included in the employment contract of a new colleague or not? Or is there a confidentiality clause with or without penalty in a legal agreement? Choosing or changing parties and texts is a piece of cake.


All files in one place and easy to find. For you and your colleagues. But what exactly does that mean, such a Document Management System (DMS)? The solution of Documentaal is built on SharePoint. Your colleagues with the right permissions can access this and are therefore aware of all documents and the latest versions. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings regarding the document to be used.

Team Documentaal

The most important asset of any organisation is its people. Documentaal has intelligent consultants and developers with years of experience in the document world. These employees provide solutions for every problem, sometimes with some creativity. Ask about the possibilities and we will gladly carry out an analysis with a plan of action for you.

Remember: Documentaal is RICH, Documentaal is Intelligent.

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