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A behind-the-scenes look at Documentaal

Specialists in document creation and document management

Documentaal stands for document creation and document management. Our highly skilled team enjoys engaging the conversation. We enjoy working well together, sharing our knowledge and making our clients' lives a little easier with immediate effect! With our experience in the legal, financial and accounting fields, we know what we're talking about and how to help you turn chaos into structure.

What we stand for

Sometimes tasks that seem so simple take up an unnecessary amount of time. Writing a simple letter, for example, can be quite frustrating if you can't get the addressing to line up and the numbering to jump every time - not to mention longer documents, such as litigation documents and contracts, which involve many more steps! Our document creation and management software automates and eliminates the steps involved in creating a document. And that gives you valuable time!
Clicking through dozens of folders to find a specific file or accidentally working in an outdated version of a document is also a thing of the past, thanks to the document management we offer.

Working with optimal efficiency leaves time for the important things. That's Documentaal.

Our software and integrated approach make it possible to easily create quotations, legal documents, contracts and other documents. We deliver innovative and robust solutions that fully integrate with your processes and your underlying customer and production systems, such as Outlook, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint Online, ContactManager, OpenText, iManage, SAP and Oracle.

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