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Working with PDF? It Can Be Much Easier!

Working with PDF? It can be much easier!

If you work with dStyle/LegalWord, creating and using PDF files gets a lot easier! If you are working with Documentaal, you will be given three clear options for creating a PDF.

One touch of a button

Instead of having to take a detour via "Save As," just click directly on the PDF button in the dStyle 365 tab at the top of the house style ribbon. A standard PDF document is then immediately created, which can contain links, buttons, form fields, etc. A PDF can be useful if you want to protect the document from editing. Of course, the Word document still remains available and can still be saved separately.

Automatically apply changes

If you want new changes and comments made in the Word file to be automatically included in the PDF file, select 'Track changes'. You do not have to worry about different versions with and without new changes.

Long-term documents

Some documents need to last a very long time. If you choose the format PDF/A (Portable Document Format Archivable), a PDF document is created specifically for archiving for the long term. The data that are characteristic of the document and really should not be missing are encoded.

Obviously, adding attachments, encryptions and references to other files is not possible with this option. The document would then become dependent on the equipment on which it is stored, and that is precisely not the intention!

Automating and speeding up daily processes around document use is what Documentaal stands for; don't work harder - work smarter!

Do you think there is still much to gain in terms of automation within your organization? Request a free demo! Then together we will see where time can be gained for you and your colleagues.

Together with Documentaal, everything quickly and conveniently digital.

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