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Communicating More Effectively in the Workplace

Communicating more effectively in the workplace

By now you probably already know that Documentaal helps to facilitate and ease various processes in the workplace, including those related to document use. This will reduce stress for you and your colleagues and increase productivity!

For example, in the previous blog we discussed specifically how we can simplify the document creation process within your organization, saving you valuable time. However, there are many other ways Documentaal can eliminate chaos for you and create structure for you within your business. It goes beyond document creation.

Communication in the workplace

How do you improve communication in the workplace? The platitudes are well known: take into account different communication styles, listen to each other, give only constructive criticism, etc....

But let's zoom in on communication around document use.

Is the following situation recognizable to you?

Colleague Chris: "Hey, could you forward me that report you had reviewed for me?"

Colleague Peter: "You can do that, but Colleague Jennifer has since looked at it and added her own comments."

Colleague Chris: "Well, where do I find that file with the latest version then?"

Colleague Peter: "You would have to ask her that. She will have stored it locally. She'll be back from leave next week..."

It feels chaotic and frustrating not to be able to find that one important document when you need it. Colleagues forward files to each other, different versions arise, and some documents may even get lost.

What are we doing about it?

Thanks to our document management software, all documents within your company are stored centrally in one place. There is then only one version of each document and anyone who needs access can access it.

You and your colleagues can work on a file simultaneously - live - and see each other's changes in real time. Never again will you accidentally delete an important document or work in an older version.

Does this form of structuring sound like music to your ears? Contact us for a free demo or to spar about what we can do for your business.

Together with Documentaal, everything quickly and conveniently digital.


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