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Documentaal Also speaks digitally

Documentaal also speaks digitally

Documentaal also speaks digital, but what is meant by this? The digital workplace is a workplace where you have access to all the tools and applications you need to do your work. An intelligent way of organising.

This way of working makes you extremely flexible. You and your colleagues can access it from anywhere in the world to collaborate and work on documents, as long as you have a laptop or computer available. It doesn't even have to be your own laptop or computer 😉 . During the corona period, the digital workplace experienced a huge development, because suddenly everyone was working at home. In this way, employees were still connected to each other and their work. The digital workplace is accessible to everyone and is automatically updated with the latest versions.

Documentaal is known for bringing order to the digital document chaos. The digital workplace is exactly in line with this. After all, all documents are ordered/structured, organized and stored centrally. Everyone in the company benefits from a digital workplace. System administrators who manage and update all (internal) applications internally also get a lot easier with this digital workplace. There are no more installations or security updates to perform, because the digital workplace does that completely automatically. Documentaal develops and provides its products on Microsoft's Microsoft 365 platform. With this package of Word, Outlook and SharePoint, among others, the user has everything at his/her disposal in the cloud. Easy and secure!

Documentaal keeps up with technological developments. Whether you work with desktop apps or online, we have a solution that suits you. A hybrid version for online and apps is also in the works. Your documents are safe and available everywhere, even the creation and editing of digital documents with the automatic house style implementations can be done anytime and anywhere (in the world).

Curious about our developments? Keep an eye on our blogs and socials, and follow us to schedule your work more efficiently and flexibly.

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