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Documentaal Takes a New Direction!

Documentaal breaks new ground!

From now on Documentaal will bring order to the digital document chaos. Documentaal has been doing this for years, but now extra emphasis is being placed on it. It happens often that companies have completely lost their digital overview. What is the right version? Which documents are going out the door? These are questions that come up regularly. Documentaal ensures that everything is made clear in the old-fashioned way for everyone in the company, so that it soon feels familiar.

The process
Before the digital age, everything was neatly arranged in binders or other tangible forms. The process was clear to everyone. As an example: Someone drafts a letter, a colleague signs it, then the letter goes back to the mailroom and is put in an envelope and taken to the mailbox. Now the trick is to make the documents and the process exactly as clear as then, but digitally! Documentaal has the software, knowledge and skills to realise this for any company.

What does Documentaal do?
As mentioned earlier,
Documentaal creates order in the digital document chaos. Documentaal offers a software package that ensures that everyone uses the same tools, templates and resources. The software is so advanced that it also automatically saves the right data in the right place. This ensures that you can start working with your documents right away. Thanks to this software, the digital processes run quickly and without errors. The software can therefore certainly be called reliable and never lets you down.

The different steps on the way to order
First the basis is laid, so that everyone works in the same way and there is clarity for everyone. How is the document built up, where is it stored, etc. The next step is that Documentaal ensures that not only the basis, but also the entire software package is under control. This way you know exactly which documents are created for the customer or a product and how this looks. You can confidently say what, when and how a document is sent and received and where it can be found.

The history of Documentaal
Documentaal has been around for more than 25 years and has gone through all the phases surrounding digital documents. This is why Documentaal can truly say that it is not only THE document specialist in the Netherlands, but has also made a name for itself abroad. In the mid 90's, all documents were still made in Word Perfect. Fortunately, new developments have made more possible in a shorter time. Thanks to modern technology, a meeting about a letterhead, for example, no longer takes weeks, but can be completed within an hour. For Documentaal standardisation has been one of the most important developments. This makes the product quicker to tailor for its customers and brings a great deal of convenience to the companies that use it. Documentaal continues to develop and offers the latest version to its customers with every change.

What is important to Documentaal ?
Documentaal is a customer-focused organisation that places the highest value on reliability. Documentaal is content driven, open, honest and passionate. If you, as a company, install the software package, you can be sure that everything works well, that it will be well-organised and that you will be well-supported by the software professionals. In short: Documentaal creates order in the digital document chaos.

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