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Documentaal Is The H From Honest

Documentaal is the H of Honest

A glass of water is transparent, a glass of water has no secrets because you can see right through it and a glass of water is honest. That sounds to us at Documentaal like the perfect photo for this blog, but why?

Documentaal is, in fact, also the H of Honest. In previous blogs we have talked about the R,I and the C of the word RICH (Reliable, Intelligent, Confident and Honest). Today we are talking about the H of Honest, or honest(ish). Honest stands for openness and honesty in the relationship between Documentaal and its clients. Documentaal promises what it does and does what it promises.

Honesty is the best policy
Documentaal stands fully behind the products and services it provides and is convinced that they fulfil the customer's expectations. Naturally, as a customer, you will always receive honest information and the products will be offered at a fair price. The relationship we enter into with our customers is based on honesty and trust. We believe this is the best way to build long-term relationships. And let that be the reality of the past few years 😉 .

The relationship
You can think of Documentaal as your best friend. A friend who is always honest the moment your hair looks bad or the clothes you have put on that day do not match. Our dStyle365 and LegalWord software are great examples of this friendship. During the implementation of these products, just like in a good friendship, we go into depth and discuss the wishes and needs of you as a customer. What is the problem and how can Documentaal solve it is the first question we ask ourselves. Then we look at the appropriate options and Documentaal is always open and honest with you during the process about what works best for you and your business.

Documentaal and its staff is there for you in all respects and Documentaal also expects an open and honest attitude from you. This way Documentaal can get the best out of the relationship together with you. Simply because Documentaal is honest and actually your best friend. Documentaal is RICH, Documentaal is Honest.

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